Netflix has acquired its sixth gaming studio, buying indie game studio Spry Fox in Seattle.

Amir Rahimi, vice president of game studios at Netflix, said in a blog post that, close to the first anniversary of launching games a year ago, Netflix is announcing that Spry Fox is joining as its sixth in-house games studio.

Spry Fox is an award-winning independent studio focused on cozy, original games. Their unique approach to game development and success with titles like Triple Town, Alphabear and Cozy Grove will help accelerate Netflix’s creative development in another beloved genre and add to the growing variety of Netflix’s games catalog that will have something for everyone, Rahimi said.

“When David and I founded Spry Fox twelve years ago, our goal was to create a place where kind, creative people could make beautiful, original games in a supportive environment that brought happiness to the people who played them,” said Cook, in a statement. “After many heartfelt conversations, we are all excited about joining Netflix as an in-house game studio and building amazing games together.”

Rahimi said Netflix looks forward to creating games with a studio whose values — a relentless focus on employee and player joy — align closely with its own.

“Our games journey has only just begun, but I’m proud of the foundational work we’ve been doing to build out our in-house creative capacity so that we can deliver the best possible games experience — including no ads and no in-app purchases — to our members as part of their membership,” Rahimi said.

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