Some 20-somethings have a creative new way to save amid persistent inflation and rising costs of living: an AARP membership card.

The organization, whose members are typically over the age of 50, offers and benefits on everything from dining to air travel. Although it is widely associated with an older demographic, AARP (which is formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) actually has no age requirement for membership. The organization is “dedicated to improving the lives of people as they age,” and although some discounts are limited to certain age groups, many are open to all.

Twenty-eight-year-old Morissa Schwartz told The Wall Street Journal that she signed up for a five-year membership after seeing a TikTok about using an AARP card to get deals.

She later went to dinner with a friend at Bonefish Grill, where handing the server her AARP card was met with confusion and amusement.

Courtesy of Morissa Schwartz

“I can guarantee you she googled whether young people could join AARP after leaving the table,” Schwartz told the outlet.

After reveling in the benefits, Schwartz convinced her older parents to sign up.

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Schwartz isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of the membership. Forty-five-year-old Chris Hemeyer told The Wall Street Journal he’s been a member for about two years, and he particularly enjoys the hotel discounts, which save him between $5-$20 a night.

A spokesperson for the organization told the outlet that it’s seen an increase in younger members but didn’t share specifics. However, AARP is welcoming its eager new members with enthusiasm. After Zachary Burr Abel, 42, went viral on TikTok discussing the benefits of membership, AARP’s chief executive messaged him, The Wall Street Journal reported, and he signed a social media contract to create sponsored posts for the organization.

“Most of my friends who mocked me are now members,” Abel told WSJ.

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