As far as rebels go, we’ve not seen one quite like Nemik in the “Star Wars” galaxy. He approaches the concept of rebellion much like a college student discovering Marxism for the first time. He’s writing a manifesto, for crying out loud. His passion is contagious, even endearing, and not even Cassian is entirely immune to it. Though he’s likely met dozens of freedom fighters just like Nemik, there’s clearly something about this particular rebel.

It’s nice to see Cassian gelling with Nemik and the other Aldhani rebels after his rocky introduction to the crew, but the sense of dread looming over their mission hints that it’s just the calm before the storm. While the rebels manage to steal a good chunk of Imperial payroll, their success comes at a hefty price. Taramyn and Lieutenant Gorn (Sule Rimi) are killed in the midst of a firefight, and as the remaining rebels escape, Nemik is crushed by one of their payloads.

Nemik’s injury throws a bit of a wrench into the rebels’ escape, especially with Cassian flying blind and a trio of TIE fighters on their tail. With the help of some space adrenals, Nemik manages to fulfill his duties as a navigator. He tells Cassian to direct the ship into the path of the meteor shower above them in order to shake off their pursuers. Cassian, ever the glass-half-empty type, doesn’t see the merit in using their limited power to climb into the Eye. But “climb” is exactly what Nemik insists he does. In fact, it’s one of the last things he ever says, to Cassian or to anyone else.

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