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Anxiety is an emotion that everyone feels at some point in their lives, but some people deal with continual anxiety. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, roughly 40 million US adults live with some type of anxiety disorder.

Reading about anxiety can be beneficial if you have anxiety yourself or are a parent with a child or teen with anxiety. “I truly believe knowledge is power — and reading about anxiety will demystify your experiences or dispel misinformation about them and give you a roadmap to navigate anxious moments,” says Peggy Loo, PhD, a licensed psychologist in NYC and Director at Manhattan Therapy Collective. 

Plus, “reading and learning about anxiety can normalize the experience of anxiety in a way that makes us feel less alone,” says Nina Kaiser, PhD, a licensed psychologist and founder of Practice San Francisco. “[It] can change how we think and feel about our own experience — and give us new ideas and strategies to try.”

While traditional psychology books are great resources, Loo and Kaiser also recommended many workbooks. “Workbooks present information in smaller chunks, usually with an immediate exercise for processing or application, and often in an intentional sequence that builds on what you just learned,” says Loo. “[They’re] actually a perfect format for an anxious mind because the information is digestible, confidence building, and very important — actionable.”

Below, we rounded up the best books for managing anxiety, from therapy-backed self-help books to guided workbooks. 

The 13 best books for managing anxiety:

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